11. Paul's Journey to Ephesus, Philippi & Corinth

Building in Sille, Galatia
Paul travels through Galatia
at the start of his
3rd Missionary Journey
Church of Hagia Maria, Ephesus
The Ephesian believers
are filled with the power
of the Holy Spirit
The Roman Theatre at Ephesus
The silversmiths cause a
riot by dragging Gaius &
Aristarchus to the Theatre

Map of Paul's 3rd Missionary Journey
Paul travels from
Ephesus to Macedonia
& then on to Corinth

Roman theatre at Philippi
After 3 months, Paul
decides to return to
Jerusalem via Philippi

Early Roman Images of Peter and Paul
Eutychus falls from
a 3rd storey window
in Troas
Roman Theatre at Assos
Paul's friends sail to
Assos while Paul travels
overland from Troas
The Baths of Faustina at Miletus
They all sail to Miletus
where they meet the
elders from Ephesus
Aerial view of Ptolemais (Akko)
Paul visits Cos & Rhodes
en route to Ptolemais
(Acre or Akko)
Roman Aqueduct at Caesarea
They sail on to Caesarea
where Paul stays with
Philip & his daughters
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Roman street at Corinth
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