Samuel condemns Saul at Gilgal

1 Sam 13:8-15    Samuel arranges to make an offering to the LORD before the battle begins. But as Samuel hasn't arrived seven days later, Saul goes ahead and makes the burnt offering himself. Samuel then arrives at Gilgal and rebukes Saul for usurping his priestly authority. Samuel condemns Saul and prophesies his downfall, before returning to Gibeah.

1 Sam 13:16-22    The Israelites are so short of swords and spears that many are armed with little more than axes, sickles and ox goads.

1 Sam 14:1-14    Jonathan secretly attacks and  kills twenty Philistines at Michmash Pass (see 11 on Map 54). As a result, the Philistines are thrown into panic.


A mountain pass in Israel (lehava beer sheva)

A mountain pass in Israel    (lehava beer sheva)


1 Sam 14:15-23    Jonathan’s forces at Geba join battle at Michmash and beat the Philistines, who are in total confusion. They pursue them along the floor of the valley all the way to Beth Aven (see 12 on Map 54).

1 Sam 14:24-52    Jonathan unknowingly breaks his father’s orders not to eat before sunset. His father finds out and decrees that Jonathan must die; but Jonathan is saved by the Israelite men who recognise him as the hero of the day.

1 Sam 15:1-9    Saul defeats the Amalekites of Havilah and pursues them to Shur.

1 Sam 15:10-35    Samuel seeks out Saul.  Saul has brought sheep taken from the defeated Amalekites to offer as a sacrifice at Gilgal. But Samuel condemns him for allowing the Israelites to plunder the land. Although it is less than twelve months since Saul was anointed king, Samuel tells Saul that God has rejected him because he has disobeyed the LORD’s command.

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