Cain is sent on a journey to the east of Eden

Gen 4:1-2    The Biblical story moves on to c.5000BC – at the beginning of Jewish folk history passed down orally from one generation to the next.

Adam and Eve, the parents of mankind, have two sons, Cain (meaning ‘begotten’ or ‘born’) and Abel (meaning ‘son’). Abel becomes a shepherd (he is a nomad who wanders from one pasture to another), but Cain is a farmer (who grows arable crops around a permanent home).

Gen 4:3-7    The sons bring offerings to God. The LORD accepts Abel and his offering (the choicest first-born lamb in his flock), but he is displeased by Cain’s attitude and by his offering (a part of his harvest – but not the best).

Gen 4:8    Cain is angry and kills his brother in the fields because he is jealous.

Gen 4:9-12    As a punishment, Cain is condemned by God to be a homeless wanderer (a nomad).

Gen 4:13-16   Cain is sent away to live "in the land of Nod" (Genesis 4:16), east of Eden, away from the LORD's presence (see 2 on Map 35). Nod is the Hebrew for ‘wandering’ - the 'land of wandering'.

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