Joshua says farewell

Josh 23:1-16    Joshua summons the elders of Israel. He reminds them to remain faithful to the LORD their God – or calamity will strike.

Josh 24:1-27    Joshua gathers all the people together at Shechem for his final speech.

He sums up the journey so far – from Mesopotamia to Egypt, and from Moab to the conquest of Canaan – and urges the people to serve the LORD alone and to throw away their idols and foreign gods. Joshua renews the covenant at Shechem and sets up a large stone as a witness.

Josh 24:28-29    Joshua dies in c.1404BC and is buried at Timnath Serah in the hill country of Ephraim (the town he had been given as a personal reward after the conquest of Canaan) (see Joshua 19:49-50).


Hill country of Ephraim

The hill country of Ephraim


Josh 24:31-32     Joseph's bones, brought from Egypt, are buried at Shechem in the field that Jacob bought from the sons of Hamor (see Genesis 33:19).

Josh 24:33    Eleazor dies and is buried at Gibeah in Ephraim.

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