November New Testament readings

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November 1st          Jude 1:1-24                   Jude urges believers not to complain and blame others

November 2nd        1 Peter 1:1-11              Peter explains why belivers have a living hope

November 3rd         1 Peter 2:1-10             Jesus Christ is the 'living stone'

November 4th         2 Peter 1:1-19             Peter encourages 'brotherly love' in his Second Letter

November 5th         2 Peter 3:1-16             What did Peter mean by 'The Day of the Lord'?

November 6th         1 John 1:5-9                  The background to John and his three letters

November 7th         1 John 1:1-4                   What did John mean by the 'Word' or 'Logos' of God?

November 8th         1 John 2:7-17                Anyone who walks in the light should love his brother

November 9th         1 John 2:18-19             What did John mean by the 'Last Days'?

November 10th      1 John 2:20-29              Believers have eternal life and understand the truth

November 11th      1 John 3:11-24              Real love means giving our lives for our brothers and sisters

November 12th      1 John 4:7-20                 God's love drives away fear

November 13th      2 John 1:1-13                 Why did John use psuedonyms in his Second Letter?

November 14th      3 John 1:1-15                 John praises Gaius for making itinerant preachers welcome

November 15th      Revelation 1:1-11       John's Revelation - a dream or vision about Jesus Christ

November 16th      Revelation 2:1-7          John writes to the church in Ephesus

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