Korah leads a rebellion against Moses

Num 14:39-44    Some Israelites change their minds about abandoning the fertile land of Canaan and decide to attack. But the first attempt to invade the ‘promised land’ fails because the people attack against God’s wishes.


Olive trees










The first attempt to
invade Canaan fails




Num 14:45    The Amelekites and Canaanites pursue the defeated Israelites as far as Hormah in southern Canaan (see 6 on Map 45).

Num 15:1-41    Moses receives more guidance on religious offerings, unintentional sin and breaking the Sabbath.

Num 16:1-50    Criticism of the leadership of Moses comes to a head and Korah leads a rebellion. He is killed by an earthquake. Other rebels are struck down by a plague.

Num 17:1-13    Aaron’s staff blossoms and produces almonds. This is seen as a sign that God will continue to bless his leadership.

Num 18:1-32    Aaron is given instructions about the duties of priests and Levites.

Num 19:1-22    Moses and Aaron are given instructions on the ‘water of cleansing’ (used by the Israelites to ‘wash away’ sins), prepared from the ashes of a red heifer.

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