August Old Testament readings

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August 1st               2 Samuel 4:1-12              Saul's son Ish-Bosheth dies

August 2nd             2 Samuel 5:1-12              David becomes King of Israel

August 3rd              2 Samuel 5:17-25           David defeats the Philistines

August 4th              2 Samuel 6:1-23              David brings the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem

August 5th              2 Samuel 7:1-17              David considers building a temple to house the Ark

August 6th              2 Samuel 8:1-14              David defeats Israel's neighbours

August 7th              2 Samuel 9:1-13              David helps Jonathan's son

August 8th              2 Samuel 10:1-14           David defeats the Ammonites at Rabbah

August 9th              2 Samuel 11:1-17,26-27      David has an affair with Bathsheba

August 10th            2 Samuel 12:1-18           Nathan the prophet rebukes David

August 11th            2 Samuel 12:24-31        Solomon is born and David captures Rabbah

August 12th            2 Samuel 13:1-39           David's son Absalom flees the kingdom

August 13th            2 Samuel 14:21-33        Absalom returns to Jerusalem

August 14th            2 Samuel 15:1-12           Absalom plans a rebellion against David

August 15th            2 Samuel 15:13-37        David escapes from Jerusalem

August 16th            2 Samuel 16:1-22           Ziba takes supplies to David

August 17th            2 Samuel 17:1-29           Hushai persuades Absalom not to pursue David

August 18th            2 Samuel 18:1-33           Absalom is killed at the Battle of Ephraim

August 19th            2 Samuel 19:1-18           David returns to Jerusalem

August 20th            1 Kings 1:5-27                  Adonijah attempts to succeed David

August 21st             1 Kings 1:28-53               Zadok anoints Solomon as king of Israel

August 22nd           1 Kings 2:1-12                   Israel's king will always be from David's family line

August 23rd            1 Kings 2:13-46               Solomon consolidates his hold on the kingdom

August 24th            1 Kings 3:1-15                  Solomon asks for wisdom and makes an alliance with Egypt    

August 25th            1 Kings 3:16-28               Solomon makes a wise decision

August 26th            1 Kings 4:7,20-34           Solomon's kingdom stretches from Egypt to the River Euphrates

August 27th            1 Kings 5:1-18                  Solomon obtains Lebanese timber to build the Temple

August 28th            1 Kings 6:1-22,38           Solomon builds the Temple in Jerusalem

August 29th            1 Kings 7:1-12                  Solomon builds a magnificent palace

August 30th            1 Kings 7:13-30,37-38,45-46      Solomon furnishes the Temple in Jerusalem

August 31st             1 Kings 8:1-11                 The Ark of the Covenant is installed in the Temple

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