November Old Testament readings

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November 1st           Ezra 1:1-11                     The first exiles return from Babylonia with Sheshbazzar

November 2nd          Ezra  2:1-70                    Zurubbabel and Jeshua return with a second group of exiles

November 3rd           Ezra 3:1-13                     Jeshua begins rebuilding the Temple

November 4th           Ezra 4:1-13,19-21           Opposition to rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem

November 5th           Ezra 5:1-9,6:1-4,13-22           The Second Temple is completed

November 6th           Ezra 7:1-6,11-23,8:31-36      A third group of exiles returns with Ezra

November 7th           Nehemiah 1:1-4,2:1-10          A fourth group of exiles returns with Nehemiah

November 8th           Nehemiah 2:11-20          Nehemiah inspects the walls of Jerusalem

November 9th           Nehemiah 4:1-23             The walls of Jerusalem are rebuilt

November 10th         Nehemiah 5:1-16,6:1-16      Nehemiah becomes governor of Judah

November 11th         Nehemiah 8:1-12             The Israelites renew their covenant with God

November 12th        Nehemiah 12:27-43        The new walls of Jerusalem are dedicated

November 13th        Esther 2:1-18                       Esther becomes Queen of Persia

November 14th        Esther 2:19-23                    Mordecai uncovers a plot to kill the king

November 15th        Esther 3:1-13                       Haman plans to exterminate the Jewish exiles

November 16th        Esther 4:1-16                       Mordecai urges Esther to save the Jews

November 17th        Esther 5:1-14                       Esther invites Xerxes and Haman to a banquet

November 18th        Esther 6:1-14                       King Xerxes honours Mordecai

November 19th        Esther 7:1-10                       Esther pleads for the lives of the Jewish people

November 20th        Esther 8:1-14                       Xerxes reverses the order to kill the Jews

November 21st        Esther 9:1-17,24-28         The origin of the Jewish Festival of Purim

November 22nd      Amos 1:1-15,2:1-2              Introduction to the prophets of the Old Testament

November 23rd       Amos 5:1-7,10-15               Amos denounces social injustice in Israel

November 24th       Hosea 1:1-11                          Introduction to Hosea's prophesy

November 25th       Hosea 9:1-9                             Hosea laments the unfaithfulness of Israel

November 26th       Micah 1:1-9                              Introduction to Micah's prophesy

November 27th       Micah 4:1-5.5:1-5                Micah looks ahead to a time of peace

November 28th       Isaiah 1:1-7,11-20               Who wrote the Book of Isaiah?

November 29th       Isaiah 7:1-17,8:3-4               Isaiah prophesies the birth of Immanuel

November 30th       Isaiah 9:1-7                               Isaiah prophesies a glorious future for Israel

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