Introduction to the Book of Jeremiah

The Book of Jeremiah was written during the years immediately before the fall of Judah in 587 BC. Jeremiah prophesied from c.620BC to 587BC during the reigns of Josiah (642-610BC), Jehoiakim (610-598BC) and Zedekiah (597-587BC), kings of Judah (see 2 Kings 22-25). 

Jeremiah's message is clear, but the narrative is sometimes difficult to follow as it was written over a period of some 30 years, and the chapters do not always follow in chronological order.

In his prophesies, Jeremiah warns the people of Jerusalem that catastrophe will result from their evil ways and their worship of idols. If only they would change direction and turn back to God's ways, he would forgive them, and Jerusalem wouldn't be destroyed by the Babylonians.

A later appendix (Chapter 52) records the fall of Jerusalem and the exile in Babylonia.

Jerusalem - HaYehudim St. Jewish Quarter, Old City (Sweden)










Jerusalem - Ha Yehudim Street
in the Jewish Quarter
of the Old City





Title?   The Book of Jeremiah.

Written by whom?   Jeremiah, a priest from Anathoth.

When?   Written between 620 & 587BC.

Where?   He prophesied in the southern kingdom of Judah.

To whom? His message was given to the people of Judah.

What was the message? Jeremiah warned the people of Jerusalem that worshipping false gods would result in the downfall of the city.

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