Hardships encountered in the desert

Num 10:11-36    Fourteen months after leaving Egypt, the Israelites turn north along the western side of the Gulf of Aqaba and travel from Mt Sinai to the Desert of Paran (see 1 on Map 45).


From Sinai to Moab

Map 45    The Journey from Sinai to Moab


Num 11:1-3    At Taberah (meaning ‘burning’) the people complain and the LORD sends a fire which destroys part of the camp.

Num 11:4-32    The Israelites grumble again about the lack of meat. God hears their complaint and a flock of quails is blown in from the sea.

Num 11:33-34    The LORD sends an epidemic on those who crave other foods. The place is called Kibroth Hattaavah (meaning ‘graves of craving’) (see 2 on Map 45).

Num 11:35     They move on and reach Hazeroth (see 3 on Map 45).

Num 12:1-16    Miriam, Moses’ sister, criticises Moses and her skin becomes leprous. She is only healed after Moses pleads with God to forgive her.

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