• The Bible is full of fascinating journeys...
    by real people to real places, many of which can still be visited today.


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  • Want to explore the WHOLE of the Bible in 485 pages? Start HERE and travel through The Bible Journey at your own pace!

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    Our Guide to The Bible explores the people of the Bible, the places they visited, and the messages they shared.

    The Bible Journey (1) examines the amazing growth of Christianity in the New Testament by exploring the journeys made by Jesus and his followers.
    The Bible Journey (2) explores the Old Testament background to Jesus's words and actions.

    You can use the free resources on this website for small group Bible study or for talks and presentations.

    You can freely print & use our text, photos, maps and diagrams for non-commercial purposes in churches and home study groups & for teaching RE in schools.



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    "I just wanted to thank you for the time and effort you have put into this website. I homeschool my children and stumbled upon it in an effort to find Egyptian timeline information as it relates to the Bible. It has been very helpful. Blessings to you." 
    Deana McCathern, South Carolina, USA.

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