7. Journeys of Jesus's Followers

The 11 disciples choose a believer
to replace Judas - so
Who were Jesus's followers?

Holy Spirit and fire
They meet in fear in the upper
room - but are changed when
they are filled with the Holy Spirit

Model of The Temple in Jerusalem
Peter & John heal a crippled man
at the Beautiful Gate
of the Temple in Jerusalem
The walls of Jerusalem
The believers share their
& support
those who are poor
The Temple in Jerusalem
Peter is jailed
and then forced to appear
before the Jewish council
Map of the believers scattered
Stephen is killed & the
believers are scattered
to Egypt, Cyprus & Syria
The old harbour at Caesarea
Philip journeys to Sebaste,
then on the road to Gaza,
and ends up in Caesarea

Ancient Joppa
Peter journeys to Joppa,
goes on to Caesarea,
and then back to Jerusalem

The Temple Courts
Peter hands over the leadership
of the church to James,
the brother of Jesus
St Peter's Cave Church, Antioch
The Gentile believers at
Antioch in Syria are called
'Christians' for the first time
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The Roman theatre at Caesarea
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