The believers share their possessions

Acts 4:32-35   Over the next two or three years, the believers continue to share their possessions and distribute the proceeds of land and property sales amongst the less wealthy believers.

Acts 4:36-37   Joseph (nicknamed Barnabas – ‘Son of Encouragement’), a Levite from Cyprus who assists in the Temple at Jerusalem, sells some land and brings the money to the apostles for distribution to the poor (see Acts 9:26-27 & 13:2-3).


A colonnade on the Temple Mount

A colonnade on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem  (Acts 5:12)


Acts 5:1-11     Ananias and his wife Sapphira also sell a property but they lie about the amount of money raised. Both die shortly after lying to the Holy Spirit.

Acts 5:12-16   The believers continue to meet under Solomon’s Colonnade on the eastern side of the outer Temple courtyard (see Map 12). People from surrounding towns bring the sick and demon-possessed to Jerusalem to be healed.

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