6. Jesus's Last Journey to Jerusalem

Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives
Jesus leaves Jericho &
enters Jerusalem
on 'Palm Sunday'
Map of Herod's Temple
Jesus visits the Temple
& heralds the end of the
Jewish sacrificial system
Caesar's Arch at Ephesus
Jesus teaches about paying
taxes to Caesar & about
loving your neighbour

The Temple Mount, Jerusalem
Jesus is betrayed
by Judas Iscariot,
one of his disciples

The Temple, Jerusalem
Jesus and his close friends
celebrate the Passover
with a meal in an upper room
The Kidron Valley
Jesus and his friends
cross the Kidron Valley
to the Garden of Gethsemane
Garden of Gethsemane
Jesus prays before being arrested
& is taken back to appear
before the Jewish council
The interior of Herod's palace
Jesus is taken to the Praetorium
where he is tried by
Pilate, the Roman Governor
The crucifixion
Jesus is taken to Golgotha
where he is executed
by crucifixion
Map of Jesus's resurrection appearances
Jesus rises from the tomb
& appears to his friends
in Jerusalem and Galilee
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