5. Jesus's Journeys beyond Galilee

Temple in Jerusalem
We start with Jesus
healing & teaching
in Jerusalem
The Lord's Prayer
This includes Jesus's
guidelines for prayer -
The Lord's Prayer
Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives
Jesus teaches people
how to receive
the Holy Spirit
Map of Jesus among the Gentiles
Jesus crosses the
Sea of Galilee
& walks on the water
Jesus on the coast
Jesus on the coast
of Phoenicia
in Tyre & Sidon
Pagan temple at Caesarea Philippi
Jesus asks 'Who do
people say I am?'
at Caesarea Philippi
Valley side
Jesus is changed
on the slopes
of Mount Hermon
Jesus claims
God's personal name -
Beside the road from Jerusalem to Jericho
Jesus tells the story
about the 'Good Samaritan'
journeying to Jericho
A 1st centruy tomb
Jesus tells Lazarus
to come out
of his tomb
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Loaves and fishes mosaic
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