3. Jesus's Childhood Journeys

Reconstructed 1st century house
In Nazareth an angel tells Mary
she will become pregnant
by the Holy Spirit
Mary & Joesph
Joseph travels south
with Mary to his home
town of Bethlehem ...
Roman gateway
... a journey Luke links to the
Roman Census conducted by
Syrian governor Quirinius

Star of Bethlehem
Jesus is born in
King David's birthplace 
in 5 or 6 BC

Shepherd's fields at Beit Sahur
Angels announce the
good news to shepherds
in fields near Beit Sahur
Colonnades on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem
Jesus is taken by his parents
to the Temple in Jerusalem
some days later
Mosaic of Mary & Jesus
His family stay in Bethlehem
for around 2 years until
visited by a group of Magi

Map of Jesus's childhood journeys

To escape King Herod's
persecution, the family
escapes to Egypt

Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth
After Herod dies they return
home to Nazareth, near the
larger town of Sepphoris

The Temple Mount, JerusalemAt his Bar Mitzvah, Jesus
& his family make the
Passover journey to Jerusalem

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