20. John's Revelation to the 7 Churches of Asia

Gateway at Ephesus
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The Revelation of John

View from St John's Monastery, Patmos
John's Letter to
the 7 Churches
of Asia Minor
Temple of Trajan, Pergamum
The messages to the
believers living
on the coastal plain

Syria Street, LaodicaeaThe messages to churches
in Thyatira, Sardis,
Philadelphia & Laodicea

Mosaic of Christ, Hagia Sophia, Istanbul
John's vision
of God's
heavenly rule

Tel Megiddo
The satan's
against God

The Forum, Rome
The downfall of
Rome and
the Roman empire

Open tombThe resurrection
of the dead
the final judgemant

Cross of ChristThe people of the
world are judged
by God

Jerusalem from The Mount of Olives
John's vision of
the new heaven and
the new earth

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