2. John the Baptist's Journeys

Temple Mount in Jerusalem
Zechariah, a priest at the
Temple in Jerusalem,
is promised a son
Map of John's journeys
Elizabeth, his wife, is visited
by her cousin Mary 
at En Kerem
Judaean Desert
When John becomes a young man, he goes to live in
the Judaean Desert
River Jordan at Banias
John baptises people
to prepare them for
the coming of the Messiah

Stone cross
What kind of a Messiah  
or 'anointed one' were
people expecting?

Jordan Valley
John begins baptising
in the River Jordan
Bethany beyond the Jordan

John the Baptist
John baptises Jesus
- the 'Lamb of God' -  
in the River Jordan
Herod's family tree
John criticizes Herod Antipas
for marrying his
brother's wife ...
Herod's Palace
... and is imprisoned
in Herod's palace
at Machaerus
Desert near Masada
John is beheaded by Herod Antipas
at the request of
Herod's stepdaughter
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Roman seige fort below the summit of Masada
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