1. The World of the New Testament Journeys

Sea of Galilee

This section looks at the
Geographical and Historical
to the journeys

Map of Landscapes of Palestine

We start with a map
& brief introduction
to the
Landscapes of Palestine

Rulers of Palestine

And then go on to look at
the Rulers of Palestine at the 
time of The Bible Journey

This includes a diagram
you can download showing
Herod's Family Tree

wheat growing

We then look at the different
agricultural seasons and
Climates of Palestine

Temple mount colonnades in Jeruslem

The next section gives
details of the
Major Jewish Religious Festivals

Jewish synagogue at Sardis

These include
Passover and the
Feast of Weeks (Pentecost)

Ephesus - where John's Gospel was written

This section explores
the Authors of the books 
that form the New Testament

We include details of 
the four  gospel writers 
Matthew, Mark, Luke & John

Tyndale's Bible

This section traces the story of
Bible Translations from
the original Greek to English

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Group Study Outlines 
& Sermon Notes

Kavala where the gospel first arrived in Europe

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The World of the
New Testament Journeys


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