Paul returns to Jerusalem

Acts 18:18      Paul leaves Corinth with Aquila and Priscilla and sails from Cenchraea (the Aegian port of Corinth) to Ephesus (see 6 on Map 24).

Acts 18:19-21 Paul preaches in the synagogue at Ephesus and is encouraged to stay longer. But he wants to get back to Jerusalem before the end of the sailing season (the beginning of November), so he leaves Aquila and Pricilla in Ephesus, promises to return at a later date, and sets sail for Caesarea (see 7 on Map 24).


The harbour at Caesarea

The Roman harbour at Caesarea  (Acts 18:22)


Acts 18:22      After landing at Caesarea in October or November 52AD, Paul goes up to Jerusalem to report back to the church leaders (see 8 on Map 24); then he returns to his ‘home’ church at Antioch in Syria (see 9 on Map 24).

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