Paul in Berea

Acts 17:10-15 Paul and Silas journey on to Berea where they preach once again in the synagogue (see Map 24). Many of the Jews (and many wealthy Greek men and women) believe, but Paul’s ministry is cut short when some Jews from Thessalonica arrive to stir up trouble.


Paul preaching at Berea mosaic

Mosaic showing Paul preaching at Berea  (Acts 17:11)


While Silas and Timothy stay in Berea, Paul leaves for Athens in Achaia (southern Greece), travelling down the east coast (see 5 on Map 24), or possibly travelling west along the Via Egnatia to Illyricum before sailing south along the west coast of Greece (see Romans 15:19).



In Paul’s day, Berea was already an ancient city, first mentioned by Thucydides in 437BC. By Roman times it had become a prosperous city with a large Jewish community (see Map 24). About 45 miles / 72 km to the west of Thessalonica, Berea was some 30 miles / 50 km south of Pella on the Via Egnatia - used by those travelling across the Roman provinces of Macedonia and Illyricum to Dyrrachium (modern-day DurrÑ‘s on the coast of Albania). From here, they could sail across the Adriatic Sea to Bari or Brindisi and continue along the Via Appia to Rome.

Today, visitors to Veroia (Berea) can enter the early Byzantine Church of the Anastasis, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, or can view two modern mosaics – one depicting the vision of a man from Macedonia and the other showing Paul preaching to the citizens of Berea. The mosaics are located at the top of St Paul’s Steps where it is believed that Paul addressed the crowds in 51AD.


St Paul's Steps, Veria (Berea)

St Paul's Steps, Veroia (Berea)  (Acts 17:12)

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