Jeremiah prophesies the destruction of Jerusalem

Jer 6:1   Jerusalem is surrounded by the Babylonians from the north (probably in 605BC when King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon invaded Judah during the reign of King Jehoiakim):

 “Run away from Jerusalem! Blow the war trumpet in the town of Tekoa! Raise the warning flag over the town of Beth Hakkerem!”

Jer 6:2-5   Destruction is near: “Jerusalem, I will destroy you, you who are fragile and gentle… They say, ‘Get ready to fight against Jerusalem’.” (Jeremiah 6:2-4)


Reproduction of the 6th cent. A.D. Madaba map mosaic showing the cityscape of Jerusalem (Mattes)

6th century AD Madaba map mosaic showing the walls of Jerusalem  (Mattes)


Jer 6:6-7   A siege ramp is built: “Cut down the trees around Jerusalem and build an attack ramp to the top of its walls. This city must be punished. Inside it is nothing but slavery.” (Jeremiah 6:6)

Jer 6:8-19   Jeremiah warns the inhabitants of God's wrath: "To whom can I speak? Whom can I warn? Who will listen to me? The people of Israel have closed ears, so they cannot hear my warnings. They don't like the word of the LORD; they don't want to listen to it." (Jeremiah 6:10)

Jer 6:20-30   The LORD rejects the people's sacrifices:  

“Why do you bring me offerings of incense from the land of Sheba (Yemen)? Why do you bring me sweet-smelling cane from a faraway land? Your burnt offerings will not be accepted; your sacrifices do not please me."

So this is what the LORD says: "I will put problems in front of Judah. Fathers and sons will stumble over them together. Neighbours and friends will die."  (Jeremiah 6:20-21)

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