Amos denounces social injustice in Israel

Amos 2:6   “This is what the LORD says: ‘For the many crimes of Israel, I will punish them.”

Amos 3:9-11   “Announce this to the strong buildings of Ashdod and to the strong buildings of Egypt:"  (i.e. to the Egyptians and their allies the Philistines) "Come to the mountains of Samaria where you will see great confusion and people hurting others. 'The people don't know how to do what is right,' says the LORD. 'Their strong buildings are filled with treasures they took by force from others.' So this is what the Lord GOD says: 'An enemy will take over the land, and pull down your strongholds; he will take the treasures out of your strong buildings.’”


The remains of Philistine Ashdod (Ori)

Excavated remains of Philistine Ashdod   (Ori)


Amos 4:1   “Listen to this message, you cows of Bashan on the Mountain of Samaria." (i.e. 'you women of Samaria') "You take things from the poor, and crush people who are in need. Then you command your husbands, 'Bring us something to drink!'”

Amos 5:4-5   God calls his people to repent and to turn away from the worship of pagan gods at the altars set up in the ‘high places’ (see 2 Kings 14:24 and 15:4). “This is what the LORD says to the nation of Israel: ‘Come to me and live. Do not look in Bethel or go to Gilgal, and do not go down to Beersheba. The people of Gilgal will be taken away as captives, and Bethel will become nothing.'”


Tel Be'er Sheva archaeological site (gugganij)

Tel Be'er Sheva archaeological site   (gugganij)


Amos 5:21-24   “The LORD says, ‘I completely hate your feasts; I cannot stand your religious meetings… Take the noise of your songs away; I won't listen to the music of your harps. But let justice flow like a river, and let goodness flow like a stream that never stops.”

In Chapters 6 to 8, Amos has a vision of the destruction of Jerusalem, followed by visions of locusts, fire, a plumb line and ripe fruit - all indicating destruction on account of immoral living.

Amos 9:11      Amos ends his prophesy by looking ahead to the restoration of Israel after the exile. “The kingdom of David is like a fallen tent, but in that day I will set it up again and mend its broken places. I will rebuild its ruins as it was before.”

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