What people are saying

What people are saying about The Bible Journey

"This is a clear, beautifully illustrated and easily navigable website, which brings the world of the New Testament to life. Whether you are new to Christian faith, an established Christian wanting to find your way round the world of the New Testament, or looking for illustrations or maps for a talk, this website will be an invaluable resource for you."
Rt Rev Dr Christopher Cocksworth, Bishop of Coventry, UK.

"A new and exciting, thoroughly researched and theologically sound journey through the Bible, that will provide a helpful reference and study guide and tool for anyone seeking to go deeper in their own spiritual journey and understanding of the Bible. A must-have reference / website for Church Leaders and Homegroup study, with excellent pictures, maps and Bible teaching. I thoroughly commend it." 
Canon Roger Turner, Kenilworth, UK.

"With so many websites out there it is quite unusual to come across something new and fresh. The Bible Journey website is that and more. It is a mine of information, set out in easy accessible formats and adaptable to different levels of Bible understanding - young people as well as teachers will find it useful. It does what it says on the tin, taking us on journeys in the Bible and helping us to delve into them using maps, images, summaries etc. It's a great resource." 
Andy Bathgate, Chief Executive, Scripture Union Scotland.

"I just wanted to thank you for such a helpful website. I am the senior minister at the Canyon View Church of Christ in San Diego and I've just started a class on 1 Peter. I've been sharing your materials on the Journey of Peter with my Sunday Evening class and it has been very well received. God bless both of you!"
John McKeel, Senior Minister, Canyon View Church of Christ, San Diego, California, USA.

"I came across your wonderful site while searching for a family tree on the Herod's. Your work is so well done and I appreciate it very much. Your site will be not only a great help to me, but a source of enjoyment due to the interesting photos and graphics you have included. Thank you so much for taking the time to compile this work for such as me."
Marcia Torcetti, St Ives, UK.

"Thank you for your insightful website!"
Deon Potgieter, Pastor, Uniting Reformed Church, Bloemfontein, South Africa. 

"This is a fantastic website! I am writing a six-week study of Colossians (&) would like to include the map in the participants' guides so they can get an idea of where Colossae was located and where Paul was at the time of writing."
Abbey Leroy, Bluefield, West Virginia, USA.

"Enjoyed meeting you and Jenifer on Monday night, and have very much enjoyed viewing this site where you have assembled a wide breadth of helpful material for those who are seeking to understand scripture and the history behind it. Well done, this will be useful for many."
Nick Crawley, Regional Director, The Filling Station Trust, UK.

"I'm new to your website and just wanted to say, "Thank you!" for all of the hard work you have invested to serve the Body of Christ around the world. As a pastor, I work with three very different churches (Navajo, Anglo and Asian). This approach to reading the Bible engages people from all cultures and levels of interest in Christianity. I plan to encourage each group to walk through the journey you have so carefully prepared."
Dave Reynolds, Pastor, Hope Community Church, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA. 

"I've just found your website to know more about King Solomon's chariot cities, and was amazed that your wonderful website could give that info, whatsmore, with photos! Keep up the great work."
Jan Caulwell, Australia.

"Hi, thanks so much for your bible journey website. I am planning to visit Israel this year and your site is a gold mine. Thanks and every blessing to you both."
Rob Ferguson, Adelaide, South Australia.

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