4. Jesus's Journeys around Galilee

Synagogue at Capernaum
Jesus journeys south
where he is baptised and
meets Simon & Andrew

Desert near Masada
He is then led into the
Judaean Desert where he's
tempted by the 'satan'

Chapel at Cana
Jesus returns to Galilee
where he turns water into
wine at a wedding in Cana
Map of journeys
Jesus goes back
to Nazareth to
begin his ministry
Temple Mount in Jerusalem
Jesus passes through Samaria
and meets a woman
at the well in Sychar
Map of journeys
He performs many healing
miracles and calls his
first disciples at Bethsaida
Fishing boat mosaic
Jesus returns to Capernaum
where he has dinner with
the BarJonas family
Church of the Beatitudes
He climbs a hill near
En Tabgha and teaches
how to be blessed by God
Rocky ground in Galilee
Jesus upsets the
Pharisees and tells
the Parable of the Sower
Jesus boat on Lake Galilee
Jesus crosses the
Sea of Galilee and
heals a man at Gerasa
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