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44. Ezekiel warns of the conquest of Jerusalem

Euphrates River at Abu Kamal (Anas Salloum)
We begin with
an Introduction to
the Book of Ezekiel
Assyrian attack on a town with archers and a wheeled battering ram ; British Museum Assyrian Relief, North-West Palace of Nimrud
Ezekiel re-enacts the
seige of Jerusalem by
drawing a map
The Queen of the Night -the Babylonian goddess Ishtar (Hispalois)
Ezekiel has a vision
of idolatry in the
Temple at Jerusalem
Cedars of Lebanon in the Barouk Forest (Yhabbouche)
Ezekiel tells parables
about a faithless woman
and two nesting eagles
Shomron National Park, Remains of ancient Samaria (Bukvoed)
Ezekiel tells a parable
about two unfaithful sisters
- Samaria and Jerusalem
Sidon - the old port (Grandjean)
Ezekiel prophesies
against Egypt,
Tyre and Sidon
A Yörük shepherd in Ala Dağlar, Taurus Mountains, Turkey (Doron)
The LORD promises
to send a shepherd
to look after his people
Gog & Magog statues in the Royal Arcade, Melbourne (John O'Neill)
Ezekiel prophesies
the defeat of
Gog and Magog
The South East corner of the Temple Mount, Jerusalem
Ezekiel shares a
vision of the
New Jerusalem
Model of the Second Temple at the Holy Land Hotel, Jerusalem
In his vision, Ezekiel
sees the dazzling
glory of the LORD
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